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deeply becomes    a part of us.

WHY attend Adoption Speaks?

Learn from the best while we dig deeper into crucial and meaningful topics of discussion, such as...

+ The Importance of Family

+ Strengthening Families

+ Uniting the Pro-life Movement with the Adoption Community

+ Men and Abortion

+ The History of Adoption

+ Why adoption is more of a need in a broken world

+ The Differences between Foster care and Domestic Private Adoption

+ Race, Ethnicity, and Cultural lines in Adoption

+ The Choices of Adoption

+ Open Adoption

+ Adoptees

+ Birth Moms

+ Birth Fathers

+ Before Choosing Adoption

+ Prospective and Adoptive Parents

+ Understanding the Adoption Process

+ Ethical Adoption Practices 

+ Adoption Language

+ Connecting with Accurate Adoption Resources


+ How to Introduce the Choice of Adoption to abortion-minded people


+ How to Talk About Adoption, specifically to men and women feeling fearful when faced with an unexpected pregnancy


+ Pre and Post Adoption Support

+ Post Placement Care and Healing


+ Encouraging Mothers and Fathers

+ How can People, Organizations and the Church Get Involved


+ Encouraging Pregnancy Resource Centers and those who work close with expectant men and women

+ Encouraging our next generation with accurate life-affirming choices for men, women and their preborn babies


+ "Taking back" the true meaning and purpose of adoption