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We want to give you more choices during your stay.

Don't want to stay at a hotel? We've partnered with various Hosts on Air BnB, near the event location, that will offer you a discounted price toward the rate of your room. See the list of rooms offered soon!

We've partnered with The Heritage Conference Center, and other local hotels, to offer you more affordable options for your comfort and convenience.

We've reserved a number of rooms at The Heritage Conference Center and at nearby hotels at a discounted rate for our event attendees. Check back here soon for more details.


Explore what's in the area!

Learn more about the area near the event location... And maybe even stay a little longer.

Continue to visit our FAQ's page for updates to your most common questions and answers relating to the event.

Presented by Talk About Adoption™

"A tree, from its roots to its branches, exemplifies adoption in the best way possible."

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